Vacation Rental Management Services for Big Bear Lake, CA

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We provide all aspects of vacation property management, as well as offer services for residents. We are your eyes, and we are here to help you, Maid Easy style, by reducing the concerns of home-away property owners! We know the road to Big Bear is sometimes long, but we can save you money with just a simple phone call to our outstanding crew manager. Our managers a local worker in Big Bear for 23 years, and knows how to navigate the mountain in season and out! 

Cabin Services

  • Cabin Checks

  • Daily maid service

  • Opening and closing your cabins

  • Turn water off and on service

  • Warming your cabin up for arriving guests

  • Lowering heat to 55 when guests leave

  • Calling or texting if any problems with water leaks or broken pipes

  • We can pack, haul, and clean for your moving needs!

Cabin Management Services
We're your eyes on the montain

Check-ins and check-outs are required by the city of Big Bear Lake, so we provide the service of concierge to meet your guest at the door and to check them out.

We include the following services:

  • Check for missing items

  • Check TVs and cable boxes for misused wiring

  • Check for thrash not taken to Garstin trash disposal

  • Trash hauling for your guest

  • Recycles bottles

  • Empty ashes from fireplace in metal containers and dispose

  • Check lock box for keys

  • Will notify if any gas or water leakage

  • Light carpet cleaning

  • Check left items in homes

  • Empty refrigerator of leftover food

  • Supplies check and restocked.

  • Pick up supplies as needed with small fee

  • We photograph the cabin after check out to report any damages

  • Departure and New Arrival Cleaning (Back to Back)

  • Will notify rodent infestations

Commercial Property Services

  • Medical Offices

  • Commercial Offices

Services Available

  • Vacation Rental Management

  • Commercial Cleaning

  • Residential Cleaning

No matter what the conditions are, we guarantee our services!
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