House Keeping Maid in Long Beach, CA

Maid Easy Cleaning offers you the peace of having a clean home or business at all times. Staying on top of cleaning can be difficult and sometimes impossible, so we offer you a house keeping service that will let you rest easy in your pristine home. For homes, rental properties, or businesses in Long Beach, CA, we are the best choice for cleanliness.

Why You Need Our Services

Everyone can benefit from a clean property.


When you have a clean home, you'll feel at greater ease without the stress of clutter and grime. You'll also enjoy higher-quality indoor air and improved health.

Rental Properties

You can feel confident when you rent out your property that it will be clean before and after the guest's stay. A clean property is also an important selling point.


A clean office can keep your business running smoothly and also allows your employees to focus on their work rather than trying to keep the office clean themselves.

Why Choose Us

We have over 25 years of experience providing superior service at an affordable rate. We are reliable and thorough. We'll help you find the cleaning schedule and options that work best for your property in Long Beach, CA. Contact us today for a house keeping maid.

Let us Make Your Life Easier Serving Long Beach and Surrounding Areas Since 1994

From apartments, to homes, offices, and vacation rentals, Maid Easy Cleaning can fulfill your cleaning needs from start to finish.

Our mission is to make you a happy customer, and we've been doing that for over two decades! We have outstanding reviews.

  • Daily, Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly cleanings

  • Pre-Party and Post-Party cleaning

  • Special Event and Holiday cleaning

  • Office cleaning - Daily, by the week or bi-weekly

  • Rates are calculated by time and labor, but we offer a $20.00 discount on first cleaning

  • Janitorial discounts provided on frequency and length of service

Services are all inclusive

House keeping maid washing the floors in Long Beach, CA
  • Dusting

  • Vacuuming

  • Clean counter tops

  • Clean kitchen appliances

  • Sweep and mop floors

  • Scour bathrooms, clean mirrors

  • Hardwood and laminate floor cleaning experts! We are here to protect your investment in your floors and make them shine!

  • We are a full service cleaning company.

Need deeper cleaning?

Just let us know. Deeper cleaning includes all of the above, plus:

  • Windows - interior

  • Blinds cleaned

  • Baseboards

  • Cupboard fronts/sides

  • Detail kitchen appliances

Maid Easy Cleaning

We organize!

  • Let us help you pack and organize your clothes and belongings.

  • Prepare your move -in home to your specific needs

  • We clean move outs, our goal is to help you get your cleaning deposit refunded thru proper cleanness and removal of trash if necessary.


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